My big brother audition tape

Get on it kids view it like and comment cheers bud



Writing this on the train back from Bolton soooo tired I have to get up at 4 to get a train. I’m only there once a week so not too bad. But yesterday I went to hyde to watch grimsby town lose, hopefully just a bad spell, we need massive improvement for saturday. So I didn’t get back till late. It didn’t help that my dad went through some cones by ax and went on a motoway close, so we go told of and he’s been reported oops. Also we got back late so I basically didn’t eat yesterday which is just anorexic. Uni wasn’t too bad I’m doing screenwriting so just work shopped my ideas, one day I hope to become a comedy drama screenwriter. After uni I went to wetherspoons and met up with holly and kirsty nice to see them made me miss Bolton a bit, but moving home is for the best. I’m missing dallas actually gutted but I’m listening to eminem I miss his old stuff when he rapped about his mam his new stuff is a bit yawn. I tweeted him to tell him, doubt he’s seen that. Tomorrow I’m back to getting ripped at the gym so ill be hulking it up this weekend. Buzzing.
Ps its freeeeeeeeeeeezing


Lazy sunday

Had a complaint about my english, just wanna say I’m doing these on my phone so it may be a but wobbly, with spelling, but a phone aint great to type with.

My sister who I mentioned had a fit is fine now. She stayed over night but she came home this aft. The drs don’t know why she had a fit so she’s got to
Have tests. Great excuse for me not to go to the gym. Me mam and dads excuse aswell

Just watched surprise surprise for the 1st time don’t like it but there’s nowt else on that guys pissing me of never met his daughter she’s old now and he has his arm around I’d be like eww a strange old man. I’d be pissed aswell he lives in australia he managed to take the free flight here I’d have wanted to go to aus. Aw his grand kids have come on now he looks phoney as fuck. And he has a creepy mustash. Bleugh, bore me later ps as if them two girls have just met jls. Well Jell. Wish jls would stop singing this song to me. Someone tell them is okay, no big deal tbh

If you haven’t seen this weeks shameless then don’t read but shock of the millennium in that, them two dirt dog brother and sister getting it on absolute sicko’s. Them two deaths were good aswell tbh episode of the series shame it’ll end soon. Tenner says channel 5 whip it up.

Just watching xy too gutted rylans in the final 😦 please save rylan
Hahahaha so buzzimg that was deffo for the fag ash breath comment lmao love rylan buzzin